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Issue Position: A Time for Action

Issue Position

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These are not easy times. Unemployment is up as is the price of everything, except your home. Congress has continued to spend irresponsibly in a self-indulgent, disconnected attempt to buy your vote. Americans are not interested in temporary half-measures that momentarily ease the pain, but make the long-term problem worse. We are a nation populated by problem solvers, hard workers.

Americans want jobs, not unemployment compensation. We want higher wages, not food stamps. We demand one set of civil rights, not government picked winners and losers. Americans want the opportunity to work for a better life.

Beware of grinning politicians offering eloquent speeches that promise easy fixes. They are disconnected and convinced you are lazy and ignorant. Now is not the time for speeches. It is a time for action.

It is going to require hard work to fix our economy. Our economy needs a budget, not more irresponsible spending. It is going to take limiting government, not more useless, overpriced programs and agencies. It requires a real commitment to growing the economy, not restricting it. It demands real civil rights, not phony political pandering. It is going to take real leaders who will put the people and the Nation's future ahead of their political parties.

It is a time for responsible leadership and American work ethic. I know through tough, real life experience that character and hard work overcome adversity. You know that too.

Let's get to work and fix this economy.

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