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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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We need a policy that's tough, fair, and practical. It needs to be tough on border security to prevent people from trying to smuggle, guns, drugs or people. It needs to be fair to taxpayers, and it needs to be a practical solution that will finally address the problem.

We've got to crack down on employers who knowingly traffic in illegal immigration. We also must understand the economic disparity between Mexico and United States -- two countries that share is the longest border in the world. One way to address it is to improve the legal commerce that takes place across the border. Modern trade and security technology can speed up legal commerce, and the revenue it produces on both sides of the border will reduce the pressure that drives people across it.

Immigration affects our entire region. The last thing we need is more pontificating from those in Washington -- without real solutions. Brian Bilbray is a master at the microphone on immigration demagoguery, but he has done nothing to address the problem.

I'll work with our entire San Diego delegation to tackle this head-on and work towards real, common-sense, comprehensive immigration reform.

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