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Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BILBRAY. Mr. Chairman, we've all heard the words from law enforcement: I don't make the laws; I just enforce it. The trouble is the administration is now saying: I don't like the laws. I won't enforce them in this category. It would be equivalent to an officer saying, I'm not going to enforce any drug laws because I don't agree with them. I want to wait until I may see a bank robber.

The fact is the executive branch is trying to legislate from the White House and violate the separations clause by using what is basically a pocket veto after the time limit that is described by law. That pocket veto is not only wrong; it's unconstitutional.

I would ask that the Judiciary Committee hold a hearing and ask the ICE agents about the fact that they've been directed, even when they raid a place where they have a warrant for somebody's arrest, even if they know other individuals are committing a crime at the time that they're in those situations, they're not allowed to arrest those they're witnessing in the commission of a crime under direction of the executive branch, which is trying to legislate from the White House.

We need to send a clear signal. It is for the White House and the executive branch to execute the laws of this country, not to change them, not to erase them, and not to try to legislate from a branch that is constitutionally not supposed to be making those decisions.


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