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CT Delegation Pledges to Assist Northrop Grumman Workers, Presses Company for Answers


Location: Washington, DC

Connecticut's Congressional delegation released the following statement this evening regarding Northrop Grumman's decision to suddenly close its Norwalk facility. The delegation met with Northrop Grumman leadership late this afternoon.

"We are extremely disappointed with Northrop Grumman's sudden decision to close its Norwalk facility. Along with the Governor, we have expressed our disappointment that Northrop Grumman did not engage us in a dialog to discuss the terms under which the facility could remain open. After decades of work, side-by-side, with a company that employs hundreds of our constituents, the company made a drastic change with little regard for the serious consequences of their actions and without sufficient notice or explanation. We have pressed the company, and the company has agreed to share the factors in its decision with us. We are extremely concerned for the employees who may be affected by their decision, and our offices are ready to assist those workers in any way we can."

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