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Dear Friends,

Together, we have marked yet another important milestone in our commitment to not stand idly by and accept a bankrupt future blighted by unsustainable national debt and stubborn refusal to make needed reforms. Your vote today sent a clear and resounding message that the 45th congressional district of California is taking a stand against insolvent federal spending, irresponsible budgets, corrupt earmarks, rising unemployment, and threats to American sovereignty.

As I accept the task that you have entrusted me with, I am deeply humbled by your overwhelming level of support, trust, and confidence. I will continue to work hard to ensure that our country is set upon a path of prosperity. It is a great honor to represent you and I thank you for sharing in this mission with me.

With the Primary behind us, we now look forward to November. We must remain vigilant and steadfast in our efforts to preserve the freedoms and principles this nation was founded upon. We have seen how complacency and inaction have allowed the current Administration to attack the very foundations of this country and weaken the strength, hegemony, and promise of America. However, the upcoming election affords us a new opportunity to raise our voices and stand together to take control of our own government and bring about true change. I hope you will join me in rallying around those that are championing our shared core beliefs and vision for the future.

Thank you for entrusting me with the your voice and passion for a stronger and more prosperous America. Likewise, I am grateful for your continued dedication and support as the campaign moves forward and we head into this pivotal election. Together, we look forward to November and to victory!
I remain respectfully,

Congressman John Campbell

Member of Congress

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