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E-Newsletter 5/31/12


Location: Washington, DC

Dear Friend,

We need to stay committed to ensuring our workers are treated fairly and compensated appropriately. That is why I have introduced legislation, and continued to push for the creation of a National Commission on State Workers' Compensation Laws. The National Commission on State Workers' Compensation Laws Act would establish a separate body to evaluate state workers' compensation laws in order to determine if these laws provide an adequate, prompt, and equitable system of compensation and medical care for injury or death arising in the course of employment.

More than 39 years have passed since our government last took a serious look at the effectiveness of workers' compensation laws. Access to proper benefits and medical care after on the job injuries is a right every American worker deserves. I am hopeful this legislation will bring us closer to updating and modernizing our state workers' compensation laws to ensure they remain effective in this new century.

The vast majority of American workers and their families depend on workers' compensation for their basic economic security in the event of an injury or death in the course of employment. Yet since the 1972 commission, changes and reductions in many state workers' compensation laws have decreased the value and equity of some benefits. I am confident the non-partisan, independent commission my bill would establish will underscore what is working in state workers' compensation laws, and bring to light the areas that need improvement. We must do all we can to provide America's working families with the protections they need in a time of crisis.


JOE BACA, Congressman
43rd Congressional District

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