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Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. NUNES. Mr. Chairman, today is another milestone in our work to conduct strong oversight of the intelligence community. In just under 2 years as chairman and ranking member, the gentleman from Michigan and the gentleman from Maryland have proven that the Intelligence Committee is now really not just a bipartisan committee, but I think more importantly a nonpartisan committee, which is why this bill passed out of committee 19 0.

During these austere times, it is also important to not only sustain our Nation's intelligence capabilities and provide for future needs, but to do so in a fiscally responsible way. This bill achieves significant savings by holding the line on authorizing spending below last year's levels--curbs unnecessary personnel growth--and targets intelligence investments. Included in this bill are the tools necessary to reduce operational costs of the intelligence community's front-line operators and provisions to conduct a house cleaning of ``back office'' operations.

Moreover, this bill ensures that acquisitions are done on cost and on schedule while still expanding the IC community's comparative advantage of cutting-edge research and technology.

One of the critical gaps this bill fixes is with structural deficiencies in the CIA Inspector General's Office. We are taking steps to allow the CIA to better recruit and retain a professional staff of investigators. This is done by allowing the IG to designate certain positions as law enforcement officers for retirement purposes.

Mr. Chairman, it is critical that the Congress demand accountability and financial oversight of our classified intelligence programs. That can only be done through consistent passage of an intelligence authorization bill. I urge all Members to support the bill before us today.


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