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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

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Energy security is one of the toughest challenges facing America. With energy prices on the rise for everyone across the nation, our energy strategy must take advantage of proven technologies and sources of energy that are readily available. And Kansas is a leader in that innovation. The pump-pump of the oil wells keep rhythm to the beat of changing seasons, the whoosh of the wind turbine blades supply additional watts and the sun-worshipping flower is witness to the prospect of solar power. Agriculture and Energy is what we do in Kansas.

The proposed coal fired power plant in the Big First district would benefit all of Western Kansas by creating jobs that would have an immediate and positive impact on our economy. This plant would also serve as a model of innovation for the entire nation by implementing carbon sequestration technology that captures harmful emissions.

In the long term, I believe that we should be committed to exploring alternative energies that take advantage of the innovative capacity that Americans possess. The need to find alternative

We need representation in the Kansas Senate that understands the bounty and the challenges of the energy resources in the western two-thirds of our state. I would like to be that strategies provides a unique challenge, but America has never been faced with a challenge that its citizens could not overcome.

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