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Issue Position: Jobs

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Today's most important issue is jobs. We all need a job to provide for the necessities and comforts of life. A job is one of the first decisions we consider as a child, as people ask, "what are you going to do when you grow up?" A job starts early in life when we select a career, obtain the required education and training, and strive to reach our career goal. Finally, after many years of preparation, the day comes when we start looking for that job.

But today we have a problem: 14 million unemployed people in the United States cannot find a job. They are educated, trained and ready to go to work. Unfortunately, there are very few jobs available.

Why is there a lack of available jobs? According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2007 through the middle of 2011, the main cause of job losses from major layoffs is not from government regulations, supply issues, technical advances or the lack of available credit. The main cause is there is a lack of demand for products and services, by a factor of 200-to-1. A survey by the National Federation of Independent Businesses backs this up. The survey of small businesses found 33% of those said poor sales were holding them back.

So what is the answer? Can we bring back the old jobs and create opportunities for new ones? Unfortunately, many of the old jobs will not return due to efficiency from technology and improved management skills. New jobs will appear when we create an environment for new innovations and opportunities, not only for entrepreneurs but for industry professionals as well. In an article in The American in July 2011 written by Arnold Kling and Nick Schultz, they feel the two growing sectors with opportunity are education and healthcare.

Unfortunately, both of those industries are burdened with heavy government oversight. We need to listen to education and health professionals as to how we can help support them. We are a nation of creative, hard-working people and we deserve a government that supports the people who create jobs and can get America back to work.

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