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Issue Position: Environment and Clean Energy

Issue Position

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Congresswoman Chu continues to fight to protect our environment by supporting clean-up efforts of our local air and water resources. She is standing up against attempts by the majority in Congress to undo the Clean Air and Water Acts, and is a big proponent of clean and renewable energy, which not only helps us become more energy independent, but also creates new jobs. Rep. Chu is proud of her 100% Lifetime Score by the League of Conservation Voters.

Preserving our local water resources
The San Gabriel Valley is home to several Superfund sites due to contamination of groundwater from rocket fuel, a legacy from the days when the Valley was a major aerospace industrial center. As a result, 136 water wells in the area had to be shut down, severely impacting the use of the San Gabriel Basin's aquifer, the source of about 90 percent of area residents' drinking water and a natural emergency reservoir for the water-starved Southland.

Congresswoman Chu introduced a bill to strengthen the San Gabriel Basin Restoration Fund by renewing federal interest in the clean-up efforts, and giving local water agencies more time and flexibility to continue removing contamination. To date, 39 tons of contaminants have been removed from the Basin, making our water cleaner and safer, while also creating 2,700 high-skilled and high-paying jobs.

Protecting the San Gabriel Mountains & the San Gabriel River Watershed
The San Gabriel Mountains provide over 70% of L.A. County's outdoor recreation and are visited by 3 million residents a year.

However, this precious resource is in need of support and assistance, and is lacking safe and proper facilities, clean up efforts, and educational programs. San Gabriel Valley residents and environmental groups have pushed for additional conservation, resources and park facilities in the Mountains and throughout the San Gabriel River Watershed to protect the few natural resources we have left and expand recreational opportunities throughout the region.

Congresswoman Chu will be introducing legislation to urge the National Park Service to help renovate and preserve the area by establishing the San Gabriel Rivers and Mountains National Recreation Area. To revitalize the San Gabriel Watershed, Rep. Chu introduced legislation to study how we can improve the river and expand its use by focusing on ecosystem restoration, outdoor recreation enhancements, and ways to conserve rainwater and keep our water clean.

Green Technology and Clean Energy
Finally, Rep. Chu continues to support initiatives that will free our nation from its dependence on foreign oil. These efforts include supporting the creation of green tech jobs that will help battle global warming and provide American men and women with secure, well paying jobs.

Rep. Chu voted to promote U.S. investment, innovation and competitiveness in clean energy with tax breaks for California companies creating the green tech jobs of the future. These "green collar jobs" will focus on renewable energy production, solar power panels, and retrofitting of our nation's infrastructure in order to decrease the environmental damage to our communities.

She also supports the Obama Administration's proposal to double auto fuel efficiency to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

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