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King Issues Statement on the General Election

Press Release

Location: Ames, IA

Congressman Steve King (R-Kiron) today issued the following statement as the general election season begins:

"I want to first take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of Iowa's primaries yesterday, including my opponent, Christie Vilsack. Though neither of us faced a primary challenge, we now can move to the general election process. This election will be about the issues that 4th District voters care so much about like ObamaCare, balancing the budget, harnessing American energy and creating economic opportunity with economic certainty in Washington.

"My opponent Christie Vilsack and I couldn't be farther apart on these critical issues and where we want to take this great country. My campaign will focus on informing the voters of the 4th District where each of us stand on these critical issues and ask them to make an informed decision on the issues.

"The American dream has been eroding under the failed, job-killing policies of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi which are supported by Christie Vilsack. While my opponent has consistently ducked questions and offered vague, head-scratching answers, my four-point plan to get Americans working again is a clear vision for the 4th District.

"Our first priority after the election will be to pull ObamaCare out by the roots. If you cut a tree down it will grow back from its roots. You have to take the tree out, roots and all. If not, it will become an uglier version of its former self. ObamaCare is choking the life out of our economy and strangling the job-creating desire out of American businesses. Government-run healthcare is having a devastating impact on Iowa families and business. My language to repeal ObamaCare passed the House last year, and I am the only candidate in the 4th Congressional District race who will continue fighting for the 100 percent repeal of ObamaCare.

"I have long supported a bipartisan effort for a Balanced Budget Amendment. A baby born in America today takes its first breath owing the federal government $51,000 as their share of the national debt. All of our children, my five grandchildren included, will be saddled with our country's massive debt payment. Christie Vilsack's opposition to a bipartisan balanced budget amendment is a clear signal she intends to continue the "spend money we don't have' mentality of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

"To reign in Washington's budget nightmare, I have introduced the 'CUT' Resolution which would establish a line item veto for Congress. Every Member would have a chance to force a recorded vote to cut spending on any line item. Consequently, every Member would be responsible for every single line item of irresponsible spending. A balanced budget creates jobs by giving American businesses the opportunity for profit and the predictability and stability to create jobs, invest in new technology and expand.

"America, and the 4th Congressional District in particular, have an opportunity to harness our renewable energy and reduce our dependency on foreign energy sources. Harvesting this energy will create thousands of jobs. Instead of moving ahead with the Keystone XL Pipeline, President Obama's wink and nod to environmental groups will send North American oil to China. Iowans in the 4th District deserve a voice in Washington who will support an "all of the above' energy policy like I have for years. We need to encourage, not prohibit, American energy, including oil shale extraction, offshore drilling, drilling in ANWR, nuclear, clean burning coal and, of course, renewable energy like biofuels and wind which Iowa produces efficiently and effectively. We must adopt a policy of "all forms of energy all the time.'

"Without action, small business owners and hardworking Americans are facing a $494 billion tax increase in 2013 alone- just one year. Uncertainty about skyrocketing taxes next year and new, burdensome regulations are making it difficult for small business owners to plan ahead, grow their operations, and hire more workers. I want to introduce accountability in the regulatory process by requiring Congress to approve all new and existing regulations. Real Congressional oversight will ensure small businesses have the means to seek relief from the regulatory whims of unelected bureaucrats.

"Five months from today Iowans in the new 4th Congressional District will head to the polls to cast their vote. They will have a clear choice between Christie Vilsack and me. I support the full, 100 percent repeal of ObamaCare. Christie Vilsack supports ObamaCare and its job-killing effects. I will continue to fight to reign in Washington's bloated debt though a Balanced Budget Amendment -- Christie Vilsack opposes such a measure. I will continue my efforts to develop an "all of the above' energy policy -- Christie Vilsack will not fight for all forms of energy to reduce 4th District Iowans' energy costs. I will continue fighting for economic stability and predictability in Washington and to prevent the looming $494 billion tax hike on its way next year -- Christie Vilsack will not.

"I look forward to campaigning on the issues and earning the support of the voters in the new 4th Congressional District over the next five months."

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