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Protecting Innocent Life


Location: Washington, DC

Last week the House of Representatives took up H.R. 3541, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which would prohibit abortion on the basis of an unborn baby's gender. Many advanced nations around the world already have laws restricting sex-selection abortions. The United States of America should not allow abortions to be performed based upon an unborn child's sex. Recognizing the importance of all life, I voted in favor of the bill and had high hopes it could be signed into law. Sadly, the measure failed to reach the majority vote needed for passage.

As unbelievable as it may be, some members of Congress were unwilling to vote to restrict abortions based on gender selection. Aborting a baby based upon its gender undermines one of our nation's founding principles, that all human beings are created equal. United States law currently prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender. Abortion should be no exception.

I proudly cast my vote for the most innocent among us, the unborn children. I am sickened by the thought of a parent aborting a child because of its sex and we must do everything in our power to defend those who cannot defend themselves. The laws of our country go to great lengths to protect individuals from discrimination, and unborn children should not be abandoned or forgotten.

Although the movement to protect life was dealt a blow this week in the House of Representatives, work to guard the unborn will continue. This cause is bigger than political rhetoric and represents more than a plank on a party platform. The ambition to protect human life at all stages speaks to the soul of our nation. Together, we must work to guard the most vulnerable members of our society.

Every representative, every physician and every American needs to be reminded that at the center of our struggle is the protection of all human life. We cannot live in a nation where some human life is valued and other life is not. All life has value and the casual taking of life is morally wrong. Let us join together to pray for the protection of the unborn. The intersection of prayer and action can produce amazing results. Through prayer and perseverance we can accomplish our goals, and innocent human life - at all stages - can be protected.

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