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Heinrich in New TV Ad: I always stand with New Mexico


Location: Albuquerque, NM

Martin Heinrich released his fourth television ad today highlighting his record of helping New Mexicans get back on their feet and vowing to fight attempts by the special interests to short change the middle class. The new ad will air in the Albuquerque media market.


Martin Heinrich: For years, millionaires, CEOs, and lobbyists have called the shots in Washington....short-changing New Mexico's middle class.
I've been working hard to get people back on their feet.
That's why I want to end the tax breaks for millionaires…
…crack down on Wall Street…and cut wasteful spending.
I'm focused on the important things.
Preserving Social Security and Medicare.
Protecting our veterans and military bases.
And investing in our tech sector.
I'm Martin Heinrich and I approved this message, because I always stand with New Mexico.

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