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Issue Position: Taxes and Spending

Issue Position

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Washington doesn't have a revenue problem -- it has a spending problem. At a time of severe economic downturn, job losses and high unemployment, high gas and food prices and government spending at record levels, the last thing that Americans need is more and increased taxes. Republicans in Congress and thoughtful public policy proponents have put forth alternatives to the Democrats' tax and spend habits that are measured and can reduce taxes while continuing to provide the necessary social services to those who need them most, balance the budget and reduce the deficit.

America now has the highest tax rate in the industrialized world (higher than Communist China's tax rate!). That kills American jobs, stifles foreign investment in this Country, and puts American companies at a competitive disadvantage in the global economy. Such job killing taxes must be addressed.

There is no reason that the federal government shouldn't (or can't) live within its means just like the rest of America's families must do. It is a national disgrace, and, frankly, immoral, that our children and grandchildren will be burdened with an oppressive debt which currently stands at almost Sixteen Trillion Dollars, and which is projected to grow by at least another Six Trillion Dollars in ten years at current levels of government growth. Taking into account all of the unfunded liabilities for the empty promises made by the Democrats (and sadly by Republicans too), that figure stands at an unfathomable Sixty Trillion Dollars.

That is simply unsustainable, it is wrong, and we have no choice but to stop the growth of federal spending now or our children will deal with the disastrous consequences.

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