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Issue Position: ObamaCare

Issue Position

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Patrick Morrisey supports repealing Obamacare. He strongly opposes the individual mandate that will apply a civil penalty on citizens (for the first time ever) if they do not enter into commerce, purchase health insurance, and sign a contract with a private party. That is the opposite of freedom and establishes a dangerous precedent for our country. If the government gains the ability to force an individual to enter into a private contract, it will arguably be able to penalize individuals when they don't eat broccoli or go to the gym.

Patrick Morrisey is also deeply concerned about how this law is financed. The law creates a new benefit, but pays for it by increasing social security taxes, cutting Medicare, and shifting massive new financial burdens to the states. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are already under great duress and will be further compromised under this new law. We need health care reform in our country, but we have to be honest with the public about how it is structured and financed. We simply cannot continue to borrow money from our children and grandchildren and live beyond our means.

As a lawyer in private practice, Patrick Morrisey assisted the 26-states in their lawsuit to overturn the individual mandate and helped the U.S. House of Representatives in their efforts to replace the law. As Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey will join the multi-state lawsuit against the law and ensure that our state's interests are protected.

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