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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

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Our nation faces a serious fiscal crisis. We are 15 trillion dollars in debt and under President Obama we will have our fourth consecutive year of trillion dollar deficits, a first in our nation's history. His latest budget proposal offers nothing but more spending, more debt, and higher taxes. The Democrats who control the Senate have chosen to abandon their responsibility altogether; they have not even bothered to offer a budget in three years. The principles of the budget we passed are simple: reducing debt and deficits through spending cuts, tax and entitlement reform, and also maintaining our commitment to strong national defense.

America deserves better than the cynical political games Harry Reid and Barack Obama are playing. I'm proud to say Republicans have done the work we were sent here to do by offering bold solutions that give the American people an honest alternative to big government liberalism. I believe it is my job to be your advocate for limited government and fiscal responsibility.

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