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Issue Position: Consent of the Governed

Issue Position

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What is meant by "consent of the governed"?

America is more than a chunk of land occupied by people. America is an idea. It is often referred to as "the American Experiment". It is called this, because never before in the history of mankind, had this idea for self governance been attempted. Our nation was designed to run from the bottom up, not from the top down. As an individual, we have free dominion to act in our own self-interest, and do things that we want to do. Sometimes, we delegate certain things to our county government. From there, county government delegates certain responsibilities to the state government, and the state governments delegate certain responsibilities to the federal government. This federal structure of government was a new concept at the time. For the history of mankind, there had always been some ruling authority on high that would rule over the people.

Since America's inception, there have been forces dedicated to turning its unique form of bottom up governance around and making America a top down system of governance, like those of Europe. And they have been successful. They have passed the 17th amendment, which took the power to nullify federal legislation, out of the state legislatures' hands. They have written books titled Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, designed to take jury nullification out the hands of the town folk, and deny you the right to a jury trial. They have passed legislation that nullifies our 4th amendment protections. They have passed the new NDAA which nullifies our 5th, 6th, 7, and 8th amendments. This has been a systematic assault on our free dominion that was guaranteed under our Constitution. This has been a thought-out, intentionally designed systematic assault on our freedoms. It was designed to do one thing, and that is cast this society back into one that is a top down system of the old European style. They have done this right under our noses, and in many cases, with our consent.

This is how I differ than my opponents in this race. I do not want to rule over anyone. I do not have the moral authority to make rules that other people must follow. I do not own them. They are not mine to direct. I want to go to Washington, so that I may regulate Washington, not the people. My opponents are promising to be wise, frugal, compassionate, and benevolent rulers, but make no mistake, they are promising to be rulers. They want to rule over the economy, and they want to rule over every aspect of your life. I on the other hand just want to reinstate a bottom up form of governance, and re-establish constitutional governance.

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