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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

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Each of my opponents in this race has a plan for the economy. This is because they are central planners. They believe that wise men like themselves, if put into positions of power, can guide and direct the economy of 300 million people. They each have a different plan, and each claim that their plan is better than the others. They are both wrong.

The idea of central planning of an economy is an old one. It is an idea that has deep roots in the Social Democrat movement of the early 1900's. It is the central planning of economies that have nearly destroyed the European economies, and it now threatens our economy. The central planners might understand the business cycle, but they also think that proper central planning, by wise men like themselves, can minimize the effects from the boom and bust cycle. They refuse to believe that their central planning and protectionism actually lead to the creation of such things as the housing bubble and companies that are "too big to fail". They believe that proper regulation of the labor market, proper regulation of the money supply, and proper regulation of industry, can prevent those bubbles. They employ tools such as taxation through regulation, they manipulate interest rates through the Federal Reserve, and they print money out of thin air. Make no mistake, they are central planners, and it is central planning that has put our economy on the brink of failure. If we want this economy to rebound, we must re-establish free markets and allow market forces to regulate the economy, and not the central planners.

Elect me to Congress and I will fight the central planners. I will fight them, because no one is smart enough to regulate the economy of 300 million people. My opponents are not smart enough, nor am I. The best thing a Congressman can do to turn this economy around is get the federal government out of the way. Central planning does not work. It never has, and it never will.

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