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Issue Position: Jobs and Economy

Issue Position

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Private businesses, not government, provide the jobs that grow our economy. Small businesses, in particular, have been the engine of our economy that has historically led the way out of a recession and economic down-turn. In order to do that, businesses need an environment of certainty and a globally competitive framework in which to succeed.

Our businesses are not failing us. Our government is failing us. And it is getting worse every day.

The proper role of government in job creation is to create an environment of certainty in which businesses in the private sector can and will invest, innovate, prosper, and profit. Jobs will follow. It is urgent that we cut wasteful and out-of-control spending; reduce taxes to create a globally competitive tax environment; remove unnecessary, burdensome and costly regulations and paperwork; speed the services required by our businesses; and foster the innovation that has and will continue to make this country great.

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