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Blog: Never Voted for a Broad-Based Tax Increase


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This year's tax day comes during a time when the painful consequences of the tax and spend policies of our government are destroying opportunities in this country.

This year's Tax Freedom Day -- the day on which Americans have earned enough to pay off their tax bill -- arrives on April 17, four days later than last year. Think of it -- Americans will work 107 days into the year to earn enough money to pay this year's combined federal, state, and local tax bill. Americans will spend more in taxes in 2012 than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined.

And on April 1st of this year, the United States earned first place in a race to the bottom. On that day, Japan lowered its tax rate, giving America the world's highest combined corporate tax rate of any industrialized nation.

Over 20 million of our fellow Americans are out of work or underemployed today. Families that played by the rules and worked hard are not looking for a handout, or another government program or promise, but for the opportunity to use their talent, industry, and smarts to build their own future.

Yet the big government policies coming out of Washington are destroying opportunity. Washington is plagued by politicians who fear making decisions. And when they make decisions, they make really bad ones--like government run healthcare or foolish and huge spending plans that create good press releases but not enough jobs or opportunities. It's threatening the strength of our country.

In New Jersey we are witnessing strong leadership. With the support of like minded reformers, Governor Christie took a state that Jon Corzine badly mismanaged, a state that was nearly as bankrupt as his Wall Street venture, and we're turning it around.

We proved in New Jersey that conservative leadership works. We are making tough choices--the same tough choices that need to be made in Washington: We cut spending, we stopped borrowing and we didn't raise taxes. And ... we told small and big employers, "New Jersey is open for business again.'

It's not complicated. But Barack Obama and Bob Menendez don't get it.

In my years in the State Legislature, I have never voted for a broad-based tax increase. In fact, I have voted to oppose $11.9 billion of new or increased taxes for New Jersey taxpayers. Most recently, I supported Governor Chris Christie's tough new local property tax and spending cap.

And while I have been fighting the fight of fiscal restraint and reform, my opponent has been offering more of the same: more taxes, more spending and more job killing regulation. Bob Menendez has voted at least 72 times in favor of higher taxes since he's been in the U.S. Senate.

And even worse, he offers us more politics as usual. In an April 2011 floor speech, Bob Menendez compared paying more taxes to the patriotism exhibited by soldiers. (Ben Smith, "Patriotism and Taxes," Politico, April 14, 2011.)

I look forward to working in our nation's capital to restore to government the first principles upon which our nation was founded. To reduce spending and alleviate the tax burden that is crushing so many American families.

With your support, I am confident that next April we will be able to say, "America is open for business again.'

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