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Senator Kyrillos' Statement on the Issuance of U.S. Visa to Mariela Castro


Location: Middletown, NJ

Senator Joe Kyrillos today released the following statement regarding the government's decision to grant a U.S. visa to Raul Castro's daughter, Mariela.

"The issuance of this visa sends the exact opposite message to the liberators fighting for freedom in Cuba," said Senator Kyrillos. "Allowing Raul Castro's daughter to come into our country has the potential to undo years of efforts to end the tyranny of the Castro regime and bring freedom to the Cuban people. She is a virulent supporter of what her father and uncle stand for- oppression and control. By opening our doors to her- it's as if we are opening our doors to tyranny and oppression and shutting the door on all those fighting for our shared ideal - freedom. This is a terrible decision, and it should be reversed immediately."

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