Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

By:  Don Payne, Jr.
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown


Extremist Republicans in Congress also have declared war on Seniors, using the Jobs Crisis and the down economy, both of which President Obama inherited for George W. Bush, as a ruse to pursue their long-planned goals to end both Social Secuity and Medicare and replace them with privatized coupons. I will fight to not only maintain the integrity of both systems, but I intend to find ways to expand both systems.

With our many many seniors, voters in the 10th district deserve a Congressman who will fight for Social Security and Medicare.

Strengthening Social Security: Tea Party extremists want you to believe that the whole system is inches from collapse. In reality, the system will be safe for decades if Congress insists that the wealthy to pay their fair share. I support raising or removing the "celing," above which the wealthy do not have to pay into Social Security.

Stablizing and expanding Medicare: Republican extremists also want to end Medicare and replace it with an inadquate voucher system. I'll never support that. I'll fight for full funding of Medicare and expanding it.

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