Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

By:  Don Payne, Jr.
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown


I have a record of creating jobs and growing the economy that I'll stack against anyone's.

Panasonic: not too long ago, the idea that Panasonic would move its North American headquarters to downtown Newark would have been laughed at. Yet, even when the deal was nearly falling apart, I stayed on the project and the cranes on the street today prove we got it done. Panasonic alone will provide 1000 permanent, good-paying jobs, and their presence will have a ripple effect on the economy.

Fighting to keep jobs local: in 2009, major renovations were planned for Newark Penn Station, but the plans arrived with no job guarantees for local residents. I held up the $14 million project until jobs for local workers were guaranteed in writing.

Building public-private partnerships: when the new hotels opened, I saw possibilities for good jobs for local residents, but they needed training. So I helped form a public-private partnership between the new hotels and Essex County College to create a job-training specifically for the emerging hospitality industry. Unlike most such programs, these job-training courses come with college credit.

Fighting to create jobs and job-training is what I've done in Newark and Essex County. Now I want to fight for the entire 10th district. Here's what I'll do, if elected.

Work with local municipal officials and businesses to develop projects: This is not just talk. I have a record of bringing people together for job-creating projects. In Congress, I would work with mayors and other municipal and state officials to cut through red tape and move long-planned projects off the drawing board onto the street.

Infrastructure spending: Our roads and bridges are falling apart, and we need a new green grid. From Day 1, I will focus on getting infrastructure spending passed, and I will fight to make sure the 10th district is not ignored when projects are funded.

Green Industry and Clean Industry: This is how we write the next chapter for many of the post-industrial areas of the district and how we turn the page for the future of the planet. I will focus on legislation that promotes green industry and clean industry projects, and fight for funding for the 10th district.

Stimulus spending: President Obama's stimulus bill kept us out of a depression, but we're still in a jobs crisis. I'll fight for more stimulus spending until people are back to work and family economies are more stable.

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