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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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I have a history of fighting for schools, aiding pre-schools, and creating programs for young people.

Even before I entered public service, bettering the lives of young people has been a passion of mine. If I'm elected, I'll focus on Education and College Accessibility because they are the foundation of our future. Today, too many schools are struggling, and we are burdening our young people with too much debt. I believe we need to make sure public schools get the funding they need and return the federal government's critical role in making college both accessible and affordable.

I'll fight for for families, public schools, and our college students.

Early Childhood Education: More and more studies are showing the importance of early childhood education. I have partnered with and supported countless pre-schools. If I'm elected I will work to expand federal support of early childhood education.

Ending No Child Left Behind and Fighting for School Funding: George W. Bush created No Child Left Behind as a program that punished public schools when they didn't meet unrealistic expectations. Its obsession with testing has had a negative impact on curricula in terrorized schools that are forced to teach to the test. While some kinds of assessment are necessary, we need more holistic approaches. I'll fight to get federal funds to public schools, and to end No Child Left Behind.

Fighting to Make Student Loans Affordable: We can't keep burdening our young people who are trying to prepare for the new economy. I support President Obama's initiative to reduce the rates on student loans, and I also support further reductions and referrals.

Make Pell Grants Make a Difference Again: In the past Pell Grants made college affordable for a generation of students who helped build the American economy. I support a 20% increase in Pell Grants, to build our next generation of college graduates.

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