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Rev. Reginald T. Jackson, Head of the Black Ministers' Council of New Jersey, and Prominent Area Ministers Endorse Pascrell

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Joined by prominent, powerful, area ministers Reverend Albert Rowe, Reverend Linda Stancil, Pastor Stafford Miller and Reverend Michael McDuffie at the Pascrell family home in Paterson, Reverend Reginald T. Jackson, Executive Director of the Black Ministers Council of New Jersey, today announced support for Congressman Bill Pascrell in his upcoming Democratic Primary in the Ninth Congressional District.

Reverend Jackson released the following statement: "I am pleased today to announce my endorsement of Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. in the Democratic Primary in the Ninth Congressional District. Since I have been in New Jersey, I have known Bill Pascrell to be one of New Jersey's finest public servants. He has provided outstanding leadership and service from City Hall in Paterson to the Halls of Congress in Washington, DC. In whatever position he has served he has not forgotten where he came from or who he serves. Bill Pascrell has not just worn a title, he has used his office to improve the quality of life for the people he serves.

What is it that moves me to support Bill Pascrell in this primary" It is that he has never backed off a fight that he believes must be fought, even when the odds were against him. In this primary he could have said the odds are against me, and bowed out. But Bill Pascrell decided that the issues were too great and the people too important to go quietly off the public scene. He has always been a voice for those who have no one to speak for them and to fight for those who have no one to fight for them. He has always championed the cause of "the least of these."

It was my hope and I believe the hope of many that Congressman Rothman would be willing to take the fight against Congressman Garrett. I believe Congressman Rothman would have won that fight. Needless to say I and many others are disappointed. While disappointed, we are determined not to let our disappointment dissuade us from winning this primary. I ask and urge every Democrat in the Ninth Congressional District to vote for Congressman Bill Pascrell. The Ninth District and New Jersey needs Bill Pascrell in the United States Congress. His passionate commitment to public service is second to none, his ability to build bridges to promote diversity is needed, and his interaction with those he serves has developed a bond that only gets stronger.

With the polarization and division in government today, we need a Congressman, who is not afraid, yet able to get things done, who is willing to reach across the aisle while not abandoning the most vulnerable in our society. President Barack Obama needs Bill Pascrell returned to Congress. As we seek to create jobs and accelerate our economic recovery, we need somebody who will look out for the struggling middle class. As we seek to reduce the deficit we need somebody who will act prudently and fairly, while fighting against those who would seek to benefit the wealthiest in our society. Bill Pascrell is that man.

The Ninth District faces a choice between two good men. For you the choice is not whether one is good or not, it is which of them is the best choice. I believe that choice is Bill Pascrell and I join with my colleagues here today in asking you to vote for him. Your vote for him is a vote for yourself, for you will get a congressman who will have your back. On June 5th vote for Bill Pascrell."

Reverend Albert Rowe of the Calvary Baptist Church said, "The reason that I will vote for Bill is because he is tough but sensitive to the needs of the people. You can trust and put faith in him. I do not want Rothman to represent me in the fight with Republicans. Bill is the fighter here."

Reverend Michael McDuffie, Pastor of Mighty Sons of God Church and President of Paterson Ministers Workshop said, "Bill Pascrell has always worked to bring people together and has regularly come to my church to receive prayer. We need someone who is a uniter and not a divider. I endorse Bill Pascrell because of his honor and integrity."

Pastor Stafford Miller of St. Phillips Church said, "Instead of trying to just offer money for support, Bill Pascrell has always offered friendship. That is the main difference between him and his opponent. Friendship is accountability and that is why Bill Pascrell has my support."

Congressman Pascrell thanked Reverend Jackson, Reverend Rowe, Reverend Stancil, Pastor Miller and Reverend McDuffie for their support.

"I am deeply grateful for the ministers' many years of friendship," said Pascrell. "I will not forget the faith they have shown in me. I look forward to working with them to help make government even more responsive to their communities. The support everyone has pledged for my campaign today means the world to me, and I intend to continue to stand up for communities across north Jersey in the fight against Tea Party extremists."

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