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Time for Adler to Fully Explain Obamacare Position

Press Release

Location: Mount Laurel, NJ

Nearly 100 days since she announced plans to run for Congress back in late January, Cherry Hill Democrat Shelley Adler said on NJTV's "On the Record" program with Michael Aron this past Sunday that she would have voted against Obamacare had she been in Congress in 2010, but refused to say whether she supports repealing the law today. (Source)

Today, Congressman Jon Runyan, a strong proponent of repealing and replacing Obamacare, said it's time Mrs. Adler fully explains her position on the issue so voters have a clear understanding of where she stands.

"I think voters deserve a clear and full explanation from Mrs. Adler regarding her position on this critical issue," said Rep. Runyan. "That means providing unambiguous answers to two simple questions: One, would Mrs. Adler vote as a Member of Congress to defund, repeal and replace Obamacare? Two, does Mrs. Adler believe that the United States Supreme Court should find the law unconstitutional and overturn it or not? The people of Burlington and Ocean counties look forward to hearing her response."

Below is a second press release fact-checking Mrs. Adler's "On the Record" appearance, where she again had trouble telling the truth.


In response to a direct question during yesterday's appearance "On the Record" with Michael Aron on NJTV, Cherry Hill Democrat Shelley Adler denied that she had ever accused Congressman Jon Runyan of trying to "end" or "eliminate" Medicare during her campaign. (Source)

Unfortunately, she was not telling the truth -- again. In fact, Mrs. Adler has repeatedly made the same bogus charge against Rep. Runyan, which non-partisan fact-checking organization Politifact dubbed "The Biggest Lie of 2011." (Source)

To backup their claims that Mrs. Adler isn't telling the truth, the Runyan campaign pointed to numerous press releases, news stories and tweets where Mrs. Adler has, in fact, falsely accused Congressman Runyan of voting to either "eliminate" or "end" Medicare despite her claims to the contrary.


"Shelley Adler is starting to develop a pretty disturbing pattern when it comes to not telling the truth," said Runyan campaign consultant Chris Russell. "I was stunned to watch her publicly deny making these false charges against Congressman Runyan on television yesterday, when all you need to do is perform a simple Google search to prove that she has."

To compound her honesty problems, Mrs. Adler also charged that Rep. Runyan voted to defund homeless veteran's programs on the program yesterday. This charge has also been shot down as inaccurate, this time by independent watchdog, (Source)

Mrs. Adler was apparently referring to a part of H.R. 1 known as the HUD-VA Supportive Housing program, which passed in February 2011. It would not have funded 10,000 new housing vouchers for homeless veterans for FY 2011. However, says the claim that this would have prevented 10,000 homeless vets from obtaining permanent housing in FY 2011 is not true.

Beyond that, in the actual legislation that was enacted to fund FY 11, $50 million was restored to the program (in H.R. 1473). Rep. Runyan voted for that bill. Also, for FY 2012 appropriations, which were done last calendar year, $75 million was appropriated for the HUD-VASH program -- which Rep. Runyan also voted for.

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