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Issue Position: Achieving American Energy Independence

Issue Position

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Affordable, abundant and reliable energy is critical for a growing economy. It is not only essential to fuel our cars and heat our homes, it is instrumental to every aspect of the American economy, from agriculture, to retail, to transportation, to manufacturing.

America is blessed to have abundant natural resources beneath our country, including oil, coal, and natural gas. Washington politicians refuse to do what is needed to allow us to develop these resources, reduce our energy costs, and move toward energy independence.

On May 20, 2006, Sherrod Brown and Harry Reid stood together in Cleveland in front of an urban windmill to declare that through a series of higher taxes, fines for American energy producers and restrictions in the oil supply, "...we have at our fingertips the ability to stop the use of this oil."

Most Americans consider our natural resources to be great assets, but the left-wing radical environmental groups, whose position was outlined by Sherrod Brown and Harry Reid, consider our natural resources to be a liability.

While protecting the air we breathe, water we drink and environment for future generations, the Josh Mandel Plan calls for aggressive and responsible exploration of our natural resources. This exploration is a "win-win-win", for new jobs, affordable energy and natural security.

Common Sense Solutions
Embark on a pro-American energy policy. We must make energy independence our national mission with an all-of-the-above, free-market strategy to maximize the natural resources with which we have been blessed.

Remove barriers to energy exploration. Artificial federal barriers to drilling and refining must be removed.

Allow the Keystone Pipeline to proceed. It makes common sense for us to pursue more energy from the American continent instead of oil from unstable and unsafe sources like those in the Middle East.

Washington Failures
Washington politicians make every excuse not to pursue energy independence. They say drilling won't have an "immediate" effect. They blame energy consumers for being too dependent on oil and gas. The politicians blame American job-creators, for being greedy, and they blame the convoluted tax law that they themselves created.

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