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Issue Position: Balance the Federal Budget

Issue Position

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Families have to budget. Small businesses have to budget. Local and state governments have to make a budget - and their budgets are required by law to balance.

For most Americans, it doesn't get any simpler: you cannot spend more money than you take in. And whatever you borrow, you must pay back.

But the Washington politicians have rigged the game to make sure those common sense rules don't apply to them. The rules say the federal government does not have to balance its budget. And because of those rules and the undisciplined Washington politicians who make them, America is now nearly $16 trillion in debt.

Not only has Washington not balanced its budget, the Senate hasn't even bothered to pass a budget in the past three years.

The budgetary failures in Washington are perhaps the clearest sign of the problems we face, and the need for a fresh crop of new leadership to shake up the status quo in Washington.

Common Sense Solutions
Grow the economy. The budget will not balance through spending cuts alone. It must be a balanced approach of spending cuts and economic growth.

Balance the federal budget. The failure of Washington to control its spending for so long requires us to make a multi-year commitment to spending discipline and policies to promote economic growth.

Balanced Budget Amendment. Let the American people have the opportunity to limit the Washington politicians' ability to spend like there is no tomorrow.

Washington Failures
The Government Accountability Office has identified over a thousand wasteful and duplicative programs that could be cut to save taxpayers $400 billion per year.

Washington politicians of both parties know that a large majority of Americans support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, but they refuse to send a Balanced Budget Amendment to the states for ratification.

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