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Issue Position: Stop the Reckless Spending

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In 1993, Sherrod Brown said the greatest threat our country faced was the "massive national debt". Since the day he said that, the national debt has nearly quadrupled from $4.2 trillion to nearly $16 trillion. The amount of American debt held by China also grew eighteen-fold under Sherrod Brown's watch from $59 billion to $1.16 trillion.

As Sherrod Brown borrowed and spent in Washington for two decades, Ohio lost 333,000 manufacturing jobs. During that same time period, the federal government added 324,000 more employees to its rolls.

Uncontrolled borrowing is a symptom of Washington's spending problem. To fuel their spending addiction, Sherrod Brown and his fellow Washington politicians borrowed more in the past five years than during any five-year period in the history of America.

Common Sense Solutions
Stop increasing the debt ceiling. Our goal must be to reduce the debt ceiling, not raise it. No more debt ceiling increases without real spending reform.

No pay! The non-partisan group "No Labels" and members of Congress have advanced a good idea in saying if you don't pass a budget, you don't get paid.

Pay down the national debt. The inability of Washington politicians to control spending has led to borrowing more than $1 trillion from China, threatening our security and long-term stability.

Save Medicare and Social Security. The inability of Washington politicians to control spending has threatened important programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Washington Failures
The debt ceiling has been raised 15 times since Sherrod Brown came to Washington.

Both parties have failed to keep excessive borrowing and spending under control. The debt ceiling was raised 6 times under Republican control of Congress, 8 times under Democratic control, and once under mixed control.

A family earning $50,000 a year would have to spend every penny they make, plus borrow an additional $35,000 a year, to match the unsustainable rate at which the Washington politicians borrow to fund their out-of-control spending. How long could you run your household like that?

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