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Issue Position: Jobs and Economy

Issue Position

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In Washington D.C., the people who are talking about creating jobs already have jobs…good paying jobs. So who's speaking up for those who don't have jobs? Small businesses that rely on people with jobs to buy their goods and services? Farmers who can't get their produce to market? I pledge to be a voice for them! My family flourished through the hard work and dedication of my parents. My father has owned his own small business for nearly 40 years, and my mother has worked as a teller in local banks. Our small town of Leeds, Alabama has many successful small businesses; however, today there is an excessive amount of taxation, legislation, and inflation that threaten their continued survival just like many communities in Alabama's District 6.

The only way I can see a good jobs bill that will really work, is to take those 3 steps across the aisle in the US House of Representatives, extend a hand of trust and willingness to people in other parties, and work shoulder-to-shoulder to attack the serious problems of joblessness. The American people are hard-working, dedicated people who don't want a hand-out, but sometimes need a helping hand to get up. The American people deserve representatives who truly care about them, and will work to serve the people! The strength of America relies on a strong middle-class; I will work to ensure our middle-class continues to grow through opportunities and entrepreneurships. And, I will do all I can to decrease their tax burdens and regulations that hinder their growth. The strength of America is in her people. They deserve representatives that will serve them! I promise to be that voice in Washington along with my strong values and the good common sense to make the right decisions for my district and it's people.

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