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Issue Position: Medicare

Issue Position

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The Medicare financial dilemma is a poignant example of how special interests control Congress rather than the well being of the Country. Rather than pass laws which will save Medicare, Congress is willing to sacrifice it because they cannot stand up to the special interest groups, from insurance companies to drug companies. Further, for the past 8 years, our brave soldiers have fought in two separate Wars, yet Congress has not paid for these military campaigns. Now that the bill is due, his solution is to put the debt on the backs of seniors and veterans.

Various solutions have been proposed by both parties, however, Congress refuses to pass laws which save Medicare due to their inability to pass solutions rather than seek political gain.

One year ago the current Congressman voted to privatize
Medicare and end the secured health care for our seniors. Most experts noted the cost of health care/insurance would out pace the voucher system voted on by the current Congressman, thereby leaving the majority looking to find ways to even afford this insurance.

Due to the current Congressman's efforts to repeal the
Affordable Health Care Act, these same insurance companies would be able to deny seniors insurance based upon a pre-existing condition.

Save Medicare, do not destroy it.

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