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Issue Position: Standing up for Consumers

Issue Position

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Our country has faced tough economic times. Despite this crisis, those who struggle most are being targeted by unscrupulous business practices. The office of the Attorney General is the most powerful consumer advocate in the state and Kathleen will enforce the laws to protect our homeowners and consumers.

As a Prosecutor Kathleen:

*Led grand jury investigations involving financial crimes against consumers.
*Lead prosecutor in the investigation leading to arrest of a school CEO stealing student loan funds and scholarship money.
*As Deputy District Attorney in charge of Insurance Fraud Unit, prosecuted hundreds of defendants submitting fraudulent insurance claims, which cost all consumers higher premiums.
*Protected workers by prosecuting employers who failed to provide workmen's compensation insurance leaving injured workers without coverage.
*Uncovered a million dollar insurance fraud scheme by pharmacists submitting false claims on behalf of their unwitting customers. Coordinated simultaneous raids on multiple sites culminating in large seizures of illegal monies.
*Deputy District Attorney in charge of county's first Auto Theft Unit. Goal was to educate the public and law enforcement

Protecting Homeowners

Dishonesty in banking and finance led to predatory lending and the mortgage crisis. Unfortunately, the consequences of their greed are felt most by middle and lower economic groups. Across Pennsylvania, unsuspecting families have been forced out of their homes by the people they trusted with the largest investment of their lives. For too long the State and Federal government has stood idle to our lending institutions allowing the current calamity. Pennsylvania needs a stronger presence in the Office of the Attorney General to stop these abuses through proactive measures that place people ahead of corporate profits.

Consumer Protection

Kathleen knows that consumer protection is about more than ensuring Pennsylvanians get the benefit of their bargain. It is more than protecting our bank accounts and investments. It is paying only for services actually received not bundled charges, miscellaneous fees, or exorbitant overcharges that suddenly appear on your monthly bill. It is about investigation and prosecuting scammers who prey on those most vulnerable.

Kathleen's approach is to effectively educate the public against would be scammers. To take an active role in informing the public on how to best protect themselves, while prosecuting those who violate the law. The Office of the Attorney General will once again become the people's lawyer.

Insurance Companies

Far to often insurance companies make individuals go through an extensive bureaucratic process to cover critical medical expenses. For families and seniors alike, we put a lot of trust in our insurance companies to provide us with the coverage we pay so much for. As Attorney General, Kathleen would take an evenhanded non-partisan approach toward the insurance industry. She will focus on transparency and not let our insurance companies use their complex paper work to prevent paying out claims. Every Pennsylvanian deserves honest coverage.

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