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Issue Position: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

Issue Position

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We are a great and proud country, blessed with an abundance of human ingenuity and anchored by an unbounded human spirit. The United States offers opportunity for all. Still, as we all know, sometimes life is not fair. Sometimes people seeking opportunity falter and need a helping hand from their neighbors. But sometimes neighbors cannot give enough help. And that is where the government can, and should step in.

I am proud that we, as a country, have sustaining programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, TANF and FEMA.

I believe our claim to national greatness is threatened when we fail to recognize the less fortunate among us. A great and proud country is one that willingly and enthusiastically cares for those that are struggling. It is a tradition that has always been reflected in the traditions of our great nation.

In the years since Ida May Fuller received the very first Social Security check on January 31, 1940, the generational promise of security and dignity for our senior citizens has been a foundation of our social contract. In no small part, the promise of Social Security has been a source of our economic growth and development.

In addition, for many seniors, Medicare is their primary form of health insurance. With fifty percent of personal bankruptcies in this country stemming from health-related expenditures, it is essential that we protect those with fixed incomes against medically induced financial catastrophe.

As a Member of Congress I will work to find the best options to maintain the long-term viability of safety-net programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. I will defend the access of seniors to medication and make sure that we do not roll back important legislation that closes the Medicare "doughnut hole" so that our seniors will never have to choose between heating their homes and maintaining their health.

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