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Issue Position: Economy

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24 million--that is the number of working age adults in America that have been driven out of the labor force in this economy. A total of 522,000 job seekers completely gave up looking for work in April alone due to the lack of available jobs, and this year, more than half of college students in America will find their self unemployed after graduating. America is in desperate need of leadership that understands the importance of putting our unemployed back to work rather than just paying lip service to this crisis.

As a member of Congress, I pledge to curtail the out of control spending that continues to strangle the American economy, roll back the billions of dollars of unnecessary regulations that are destroying small businesses, and create a stable economic environment that encourages growth and investment in small business.

For far too long, politicians in Washington have spent money we do not have on projects we do not need and have borrowed more than $16 trillion dollars in the name of our children and grandchildren. In fact, our elected leaders in the Senate have gone so far as to not pass a budget for more than 3 years to ensure the spending continues. As a result, future generations will be forced into suffocating taxes to pay for our financial irresponsibility and mismanagement. This is unsustainable, and it cannot be allowed to continue.

As a member of Congress, I will focus my attention on balancing the budget, reducing the size and scope of the federal government, and capping spending as percentage of GDP. I will demand that the federal government produce a budget that focuses on economic growth--not redistribution of income. Additionally, the creation of a responsible tax system that benefits all Americans will be a key duty for the government to carry out. We have a commitment to leave this country better than we found it, and in order to turn America around, it will take leadership that is willing to make the difficult decisions.

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