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Good morning Note-readers. And thank you to ABC for sponsoring our upcoming debate in Columbia and for letting me write you this Note.

Over the next eight weeks, I will be laying out a vision for how America can make the most of the boundless opportunity ahead of us.

Why not make American stronger by reawakening our ideals of duty exciting a generation of young people to serve America?

Why not have a health care system where accessible, affordable health care for all is a right and not just a privilege?

Why not have a plan to protect our national security by achieving energy independence?

Why not make American stronger by making sure every child in America is given a strong start in life?

I believe we need a vision to make American safer, stronger and more secure.

George W. Bush is taking our country backwards. But running for President is about more than pointing out that we're going in the wrong direction. It is about laying out the new direction in which you will lead.

Our nation needs to reach down deep into the reserves of determination and daring that have always made us great.
—Senator John Kerry

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