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issue Position: Our Debt, Our Spending and Our Budget

Issue Position

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America's unsustainable debt burden is not only a fiduciary obligation, but also a moral obligation to future generations.

Our government should adopt policies that reflect America's working families' balanced budgets - these begin with the premise of living within our means.

It's sad to think that less than four years ago the national debt clock had to be replaced because it ran out of space for the accumulating debt when it reached $10 trillion. In that short four year time frame, the national debt has increased over 50 percent!

The growth of our national debt is increasingly becoming a threat to the vitality of our nation.

I pledge to work for you in DC and demand we defeat this debt. I pledge to work tirelessly to make the hard choices now to rein in out-of-control big government spending and to restore the limited government principles enshrined by our nation's Founding Fathers.

Entitlement Reform

The reality of our entitlement system is that at best it's unsustainable and at worst, it's crippling. We must work to maintain our current promises to seniors with phased-in reforms.

I'm not willing to foreclose on our children's future with more false promises, with larger tax bills for services we know they will never receive or with more excuses.

Specific Measures To Take Now

*Repeal Obamacare
*Reform the Tax Structure
*Reform Entitlements
*Promote a Balance Budget Amendmen

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