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Issue Position: Jobs and the American Economy

Issue Position

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The plain and simple truth is this Congress's number one priority must be job creation.

Small businesses need to be confident that government won't stand in their way of hiring, expanding and investing in our local communities.

American workers deserve a government that doesn't impede their abilities to obtain jobs, that doesn't punish incentives received for filling in-demand jobs or delivering results, and a government that treats every American as the customer, not as the staff.

Regulatory Reviews

Commission an audit of existent regulations for duplicity of effort, unnecessary paperwork, or that place undue burdens on small businesses. Benchmark this audit against best private industry practices.
Requiring Congressional review and approval of all government regulations that impact the economy or burden the small business job-creators.
Excessive Taxation

I have consistently opposed the higher taxation that punishes working families, small businesses, innovation and investment. I will continue to oppose excessive taxation on a federal level and support legislation that will provide tax relief.

I support the plan put forward by Rep. Cantor to streamline the tax code and lower the tax rate for businesses and individuals to no more than 25%.
I support tax breaks for new small businesses.
I support conducting hearings on the fair and flat taxes to review their potential application, as our current tax system fails American workers.

I have consistently supported innovation as a vital element of Maryland's economy. I strongly believe that innovation spurs new markets and creates new jobs for not just Marylanders, but for all Americans.

I support legislation that modernizes and protects our patent system with a focus toward protecting American ingenuity abroad.
I support improving streamlined processes for the development of new products to the marketplace.

Americans deserve to continue to receive the high-quality care that has made America's health system the best in the world. This health care should be affordable, effective and available. I strongly believe that Obamacare is not only unconstitutional, but places the entire health care system at jeopardy--including thousands of health-related jobs. I will vote to repeal ObamaCare.

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