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Issue Position: Goals for the Economy

Issue Position

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Our first priority is to restore the health of our economy, but the legislature clings to ideas about labor and economic growth that have long been obsolete. Our state government has failed to progress alongside Washington's innovative private sector and this failure insures our economy will remain sick. To restore our economy Olympia needs to make small businesses and entrepreneurs the stakeholders in economic growth rather than falling back on debt-financed stimulus programs. Such restoration requires the legislature to change its view that taxes and regulations are a way to "manage" the private sector and that the economy is a zero-sum game where bureaucrats pick the winners.

*Reduce Washington's unemployment rate from its chronically high levels. The key to ending uncertainty in the economy and stopping the real estate value slide is employment.

*Review state regulations for effectiveness. If it makes sense to regularly reconsider tax levels and public spending, then it makes sense for regulations as well.

*Make Washington more welcoming to businesses by lowering the cost of operating and increasing the attractiveness of our workforce.

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