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Issue Position: Constitution/State Sovereignty

Issue Position

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It is not a "living" document ratified by each generation. I also believe that State Sovereignty is the path back to freedom and restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

"All political power is inherent in the people, and governments are established to protect and maintain individual rights." Article 1, Section 1, Washington State Constitution

Only the legislature and the people can change the state Constitution through the amendment process, not judges through court decisions. Misuse of judicial power serves only to anger the people and further erode confidence in the judiciary. I will support efforts to restrain judicial activism and restore basic constitutional principles.

I was the author of HJM 4009, but a resolution is not enough. Now is the time for legislation with teeth. Using the doctrine of nullification first established by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson I will fight to return the federal government to its limited and enumerated powers. Additionally, I will fight for legislation that will erect an impenetrable wall around the right to bear arms, restore sound and honest money, and stem the tide of illegal immigration. Read about my nationally published plan to Restore our Constitutional Republic here Resist D.C., a Step-by-Step Plan for Freedom


Key Legislation:

*State Sovereignty Resolution HJM 4009

Reclaim State Sovereignty through Key Nullification Legislation

*Nullification of Socialized Health Care
*Nullification of National Cap and Trade
*Federal Enumerated Powers Requirement (Blanket Nullification)
*Federal Tax Escrow Account

Erect an impenetrable wall around the County Sheriff and the 2nd Amendment

*Sheriffs First Act
*Right to Protection Act
*Prohibition of Gun and Ammunition Tracking
*Washington Firearms Freedom Act

Restore sound and honest money

*Constitutional Tender Act
*Sound Money Resolution HJM 4010

Victories for State Sovereignty

*Move to National ID Cards Delayed

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