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Walorski Small Business Summit Press Release

Press Release

Location: Elkhart, IN

Republican Congressional Candidate Jackie Walorski hosted a small business summit today with local small business leaders and entrepreneurs. The meeting was in association with National Small Business Week.

"Indiana's 2nd district needs an independent voice in Congress who will fight to pass real reforms and get our small businesses and entrepreneurs back to doing what they do best…creating jobs," Walorski said.

The meeting revolved around topics that directly affect small businesses in North Central Indiana. The group discussed workforce training, business taxes, environment regulations, and uncertainty created by the government. The meeting included businessmen and women from across Indiana's 2nd congressional district.

Ben Mauser, President, of Irvine Shade & Door, said that he trusts Jackie to fight for small businesses. Mauser continued by saying, "that Walorski is the candidate who possesses the knowledge, experience, and skill set to partner with small businesses to create a favorable business environment that will lead to small business growth."

As the conversation turned to job creation, Jason Obendorf, the National Sales Director for ObeCo, spoke about his company's hiring policies. "We could grow, I could double my workforce, but I am not going to. There is too much uncertainty with inflation and the debt coming out of Washington," said Obendorf.

"Government bureaucrats do not need to be placing an unnecessary burden on small businesses and entrepreneurs. I will work, starting on day one, to get our economy moving and make job creation my top priority," Walorski said.

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