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Larson Talks Economy & Jobs on Washington Journal


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John B. Larson (CT-01) joined Susan Swain on C-SPAN Washington Journal this morning to discuss the economy and the lack of action on jobs by the Republican leadership.

Excerpted Remarks:

"I think the public is frustrated at the lack of initiative here in Congress when we have so many millions of Americans out of work and seeking it."

"What the country expects is for us to be pulling together, focused on putting the nation back to work, irrespective of whether you like Barack Obama or his policies or not, do you like the American people enough to care about them and put them back to work and let them find the simple dignity that comes from sitting across the table from the spouse and knowing that they have a job and can provide for them?"

"Here's my philosophy, it's no different than Roosevelt's and I think just a flat out common sense approach that Americans have: job creation equals deficit reduction. More than a third of the deficit can be reduced if we took the unemployment numbers below six percent. How do you get there? You get there by investing in the American people. Of course we want private sector jobs to be created, which under the Obama Administration have been created, more so than even during the Bush Administration... But here is a time when you need your country to stand behind its people. Not in terms of handing out an unemployment check, but in terms of putting them back to work."

"…People are saying "well jeez, you know, I understand the need for us to be austere and tighten our belts, but my god, we've got to go back to work as well and why is it that we can't rebuild our roads, our bridges, our sewage systems? Why can't we get broadband into our schools? Why can't we put our trade industry back to work? Why can't we be innovative and make these investments? Further, why can't we engage the private sector in this effort?'... We're America for God's sake. We can do this. And instead, you know, we find ourselves in these small petty games, arguing back and forth over issues that really don't translate too much to somebody who is out of work."

"It's American ingenuity, American innovation, hard work and labor that produces wealth… In order to create wealth there are investments that have be made -- whether those investments are made from the private sector or whether they are government investments. Government investments in their people; in their education system; in their infrastructure -- the roads and bridges along which our commerce from the private sector flow - and also in healthcare and disease and science and innovation, these are areas we'd like to augment and help."

"Americans all need an infrastructure, starting basically with an education that's sound and fundamental, that gives them the tools and creativity and fosters the kind of growth that we know will lead to jobs. We want people to be wildly successful. We know that we live in an entrepreneurial time where the focus has got to be on innovating in a global economy and that people are going to take risk. With risk comes great reward. There's also a chance that… people who work hard and play by the rules can get hurt. That's why we developed a safety net. That's why we have Social Security. That's why we have Medicare. That's why we have the Affordable Healthcare Act."

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