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Issue Position: Illegal Immigration; A Nation of Laws, Not Men

Issue Position

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Who should decide who lives here and enjoys the benefits of Texas: Texans and their duly elected representatives, or someone willing to sneak in under the cover of darkness?

While in Afghanistan near the Iranian border, I witnessed first-hand an extreme case of insecurity that comes when there is no border control. The Afghan people lived under a cloud of worry due to a constant flow of illegal activity from Iran and Pakistan. Drugs, weapons, and smuggling were a major problem. I also saw how corruption had destroyed the rule of law and shattered any trust in local government.

Texas has been largely abandoned by Washington when it comes to securing our border and dealing with illegal immigration. However, there are still things we can do at the state level, and I will address these issues with firm resolve and respect. I will not ignore the rule of law in order to satisfy political interests.

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