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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. JONES. Mr. Speaker, I wanted to come to the floor and say that I was very disappointed during the debate on the NDAA bill, the National Defense Authorization Act. We spent hours debating, and we only had 20 minutes to debate Afghanistan, with 10 minutes allotted to each side. Congresswoman Lee had her amendment, which I supported on the floor, but the amendment that Mr. McGovern and I had worked together for weeks crafting, the McGovern-Jones amendment, basically said accountability on 2014, bringing our troops out.

We need to have these guidelines, and I was very disappointed that our leadership would not bring our amendment to the floor. I think it's tragic that our young men and women are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq and we're not meeting our constitutional responsibility when it comes to debating war.

Last Saturday, like many of my colleagues, I was invited to speak at a Memorial event down in Beaufort, North Carolina. Primarily those in attendance were our veterans of yesterday and some of our Active Duty marines of today. It was amazing. I'm not a great speaker, but when I talked about bringing our troops out of Afghanistan before 2014, I got a strong applause in agreement.

We have a tremendous responsibility to take care of our wounded from Afghanistan and Iraq. In this financial crisis, I truthfully don't know how we're going to take care of them, to be honest about it. What I do know is that we will deal with it. Yet we continue to spend $10 billion a month--it is borrowed money from the Chinese--to prop up Karzai in Afghanistan and to pay his bills, to fix his roads, to fix his water systems, but in America we can't fix our roads and our water systems. Somewhere along the way, Mr. Speaker, it doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Last Saturday, before I went down to Beaufort, North Carolina, to give the speech, the Raleigh News & Observer published 27 names of Americans who had been killed in Afghanistan. Mr. Speaker, to honor those 27 who gave their life to this country, I will submit those 27 names for the record.

Mr. Speaker, 2014 is a long way from 2012. How many more names must appear in the paper? Congress needs to have more debates about our policy in Afghanistan. We've got those in this country right now that want to go in and bomb Syria, bomb Iran, and do all these things, and yet we in Congress just sit by and pass more and more bills to pay for all this funding overseas that we can't even account for.

Mr. Speaker, before closing, I bring this poster of this young woman who is in tears holding a little baby in her lap. The baby has no idea why this man in uniform is on his knees presenting a flag to this little girl's mother. How many more scenes like this must happen while Congress sits by and passes more and more spending bills to take care of Afghanistan while we deny the American people? Senior citizens can't get sandwiches at the senior citizen center, children can't get a pint of milk before school because we're going to cut those programs, but we're going to take care of a corrupt leader in Afghanistan. Mr. Speaker, it makes no sense at all.

When we should have been debating Afghanistan a week ago, 72 percent of the American people in a poll that week said, Get out of Afghanistan now. We had 20 minutes, 10 to the Democratic side and 10 to the Republican side. That's no way to say thank you to those serving. That's no way to say thank you to the families who have given a loved one.

Mr. Speaker, in closing, as I always do, I ask God to please bless our men and women in uniform. I ask God to please bless the families of our men and women in uniform. I ask God in His loving arms to hold the families who have given a child dying for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I ask God to bless the House and Senate, that we will do what is right in the eyes of God for God's people here in the United States of America.

And I ask God to bless President Obama, that he will do what is right in the eyes of God for God's people in America, today and tomorrow.

And three times I will say, God, please, God, please, God, please, continue to bless America.

Recent U.S. Military Personnel Deaths from DoD

Staff Sgt. Israel P. Nuanes; Sgt. Brian L. Walker; Pfc. Richard L. McNulty III; Spc. Alex Hernandez III; Sgt. Wade D. Wilson; 1st Lt. Alejo R. Thompson; Petty Officer Second Class Jorge Luis Velasquez; Sgt. Jacob M. Schwallie; Spc. Chase S. Marta; Pfc. Dustin D. Gross; Spc. Junot M. L. Cochilus; 2nd Lt. David E. Rylander; Staff Sgt. Thomas K. Fogarty; Sgt. John P. Huling; Master Sgt. Gregory L. Childs; Staff Sgt. Zachary H. Hargrove; Capt. Bruce K. Clark; Sgt. Nicholas M. Dickhut; Pfc. Christian R. Sannicolas; Master Sgt. Scott E. Pruitt; Staff Sgt. Andrew T. Brittonmihalo; Spc. Manuel J. Vasquez; Staff Sgt. Brandon F. Eggleston; Sgt. Dick A. Lee Jr.; Lt. Christopher E. Mosko; Spc. Moises J. Gonzalez; Spc. Jason K. Edens; Spc. Benjamin H. Neal.

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