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Idea of Sheila Baker: Everyone Should Share Their Fair Share of Taxes


Location: Washington, DC

Sheila Baker says: "I pay my taxes responsibly with the understanding that I must pay more than those who earn an income less than mine."

Ms. Baker is clearly saying that she makes a little bit, and she understands that she pays more than the person who does not make what she makes and who is not as fortunate as she is; but her next sentence is the most important one. She says she also expects and demands that those who earn more than she should do the same and that those who make more than her should also pay their fair share, hence the concept of a fair shared burden of taxes.

So I want to thank Ms. Baker, one, for acknowledging that she is doing better than other people and that she has to pay a little bit more, and I want to thank her for participating in the people's House and in expressing her concerns and her opinions about where she thinks we should be as a country.

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