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Idea from Micah Hill: Look into Parents of Children Underperforming in School


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Now, Micah Hill's comments were very, very interesting. Micah's frustration was the fact that Congress should address underachievement in our grade schools. He wanted us to address that underachievement by holding parents accountable for their children's performance. I'll give you an excerpt from his letter.

Micah's response was: "Children who are not doing well in their studies are children who are constantly in trouble. Their parents should be investigated. The students' homes should be investigated to see if the parents are abusing substances or anything else. If young students, like those in grade school and freshmen in high school, are having problems, then the parents should be investigated. That will help educate our children who are not getting their educational needs met because of their home fronts. Find out the child's educational strengths, and find out what is lacking in the home."

Now, Micah, that is a very creative idea, and I think that that conversation has started numerous times back in my State legislature. It is a conversation that we should be having at the Federal level because, when we talk about our children's success, when we talk about their education, the one thing that everyone agrees on is the fact that parental responsibility and parental involvement is the single biggest indicator of that child's success. So, as government, if we can help to do anything to make sure that that home life is safe and secure and that that child can succeed, then we absolutely should do it, and I look forward to continuing that conversation with you.

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