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Honored to Have You Stand with Me


Location: Unknown

What a great election night!

This past Tuesday, thanks to your help and thousands of voters across the 25th Congressional District we earned the top spot in the Republican primary. The people of our area clearly responded to our message of ending the Obama Economy, repealing Obamacare, and ushering in a new era of lower taxes, less spending, and more freedom.

I am honored to have been entrusted with the support of so many people from all over the district. As we held meetings in every county of the 25th District, I was constantly reminded of the qualities and character that make our nation so exceptional: resilience, courage, strength, and thousands upon thousands of kind hearts.

For the next two months, I LOOK FORWARD TO SPEAKING WITH EVEN MORE FOLKS about why I am offering myself as a candidate for Congress and the kind of leadership we deserve to stop Obama's social justice agenda.

With forty years of experience running my own small business, I think it is time we take control of our government away from the special interests and career politicians. As your voice in the House of Representatives:

I will work every day until Obamacare is overturned.
I will work every day until government spending is dramatically reduced.
I will work every day until we repeal ridiculous regulations and start producing more energy right here in Texas.
And I will work every day until taxes are cut so that families and small businesses keep more of their hard earned money.
I hope I can continue to count on you and your family. Working together, we will take our country back and turn it around with limited government principles to deliver more freedom, more prosperity, and a brighter future for our children and grandchildren!

God Bless America

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