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Message from Kay


Location: Unknown

This week the president played politics with our federal budget yet again. He attacked the budget presented by House Republicans that is called the Path to Prosperity.

Ironically, he did this just a few days after his own budget was rejected 0-414 in the House of Representatives. That's right: not even one Democrat would vote for the Obama budget. Why should they? His budget is more of the same: it's the same high taxes-increased spending-big government policy that goes in trouble in the first place. In fact, he has now added more debt to the cumulative national debt than any president in history.

But the issue is bigger than the budget. It's about leadership, not numbers.

For three and a half years, President Obama has refused to lead. He had the chance to reform entitlements. He refused.

He had the chance to pass market-based health reform. He passed Obamacare instead.

He had the chance to cut spending. He spent more than any president before him.

Barack Obama is not a leader. And that's why we need a new president and a new direction for our country.

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