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Repealing the Medical Device Tax in Obamacare


Location: Washington, DC

I'm Congressman Peter Roskam, welcome back to Ask Peter.

I frequently hear from constituents who are concerned about manufacturing jobs and high tech jobs, and what's happening in Washington in order to make sure that they grow and they flourish.

I recently heard from Ronald Marisie from Streamwood, and also Dan Kranzusch from Addison, who asked essentially those types of questions.

Let me give an example of what congress is taking up in the month of June to try and address that.

In Obamacare there's a 2.3% new tax that would be placed on medical devices. Now, the tax would be imposed beginning of January of next year.

But there are a number of estimates that suggest this would have a real adverse impact on job growth and job creation here in the United States.

Some estimates suggest as high as 43,000 jobs would be lost.

Now, here is why this is important for us in Illinios:

We have 10,000 jobs in Illinois that are all about medical devices, and the estimates further suggest that if the tax goes into place, 1,200 of those jobs would go away.

It doesn't make any sense. This is an area of Obamacare that needs to be repealed, and it needs to be repealed immediately so that we don't risk this, and risk the adverse impact on medical innovation, which is so important in our healthcare system.

But I need to hear from you, on email and Facebook and Twitter, and old fashioned cards and letters.

I'm Congressman Peter Roskam. Thanks for watching.

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