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Issue Position: Healthcare Reform

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Jared believes making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible for individuals, families, and employers is one of the most important policy challenges facing our state and nation. Jared will defend and work to expand the Affordable Care Act, which will improve our healthcare system and bring relief to middle class Americans by providing protections against skyrocketing insurance premiums, reducing unfair business practices, protecting millions of people against the loss of their homes because of a catastrophic illness, helping small businesses provide coverage to their employees, and improving our overall quality of life, fiscal stability, and global economic competitiveness. While fighting Republican efforts to repeal the legislation, Jared will also work to improve and expand it, including creating a public option.

As a state legislator, Jared has consistently fought to hold big health insurance companies accountable and to enhance the quality and affordability of health care for California families. Jared supports universal single-payer healthcare reform and has co-authored such legislation each year (SB 840/SB 810). Jared also has championed much-needed incremental reforms to improve the quality, cost, accessibility and accountability of our healthcare system. This year, he is jointly authoring one of the most important health reforms in years -- AB 52, which would help prevent skyrocketing health premiums by requiring insurance companies to justify their rate increases.

A strong advocate for quality healthcare in his district, Jared has authored legislation to benefit all three public hospitals he represents -- Marin General, Petaluma Valley, and Sonoma Valley. He has been active in working to protect Marin General as it transitions to public control and operation in 2010, including holding Sutter Corporation accountable for its "cash sweeps" of $180 million from that hospital.

Jared has also authored numerous bills that were not enacted into law but which reflect his commitment to healthcare reform, including legislation to prevent the practice of "step therapy" under which health insurers prevent chronic pain patients from receiving the medication recommended by their doctors (AB 1826 (2010); legislation to reward employers who provide health benefits to their employees by creating a 2% bid preference in state public works contracts (AB 1853 (2010)), legislation to reinstate annual dental screenings under Medi-Cal for seniors living seniors living in long-term care facilities (AB 2229 (2008)), legislation to require assessment of the potential impact on community hospitals and emergency rooms from boutique hospitals which typically provide a single service line such as orthopedics or cardiac care (AB 2697 (2008)), legislation to reduce workplace injuries to nurses by creating incentives for nurse lift teams (AB 371 (2008)), and legislation to increase penalties for unlawful nonpayment of doctors by HMO's (AB 1155 (2008)).

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