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President Fails to Lead on Solutions to Help Fix Our Economy


Location: Unknown

Senator McConnell also spoke this week about the President's unwillingness to lead when it comes to finding solutions to our economic challenges. In his remarks, the Senator highlighted recent news articles about the difficulty in addressing these challenges with the President.

He said: "The first is a story from Politico. It says the Budget Committee Chairman can't remember the last time he talked to the President. The Chairman dealing with the student loan issue says he hasn't talked to the President in months--in months!

"The Democrat point man on energy doesn't seem to talk to the President much at all. If you want to know why we can't solve these economic problems, this is it. We've got a President who is more interested in running around to college campuses spreading some poll-tested message of the day than he is in actually accomplishing anything. This is the problem."

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